This project's purpose is to provide reporting services, such as scheduling and several distribution options, for enterprises applications. All reports are deployed in JBoss as a file or archive and then become available for applications to execute. In J2EE environment, security checks can be applied. Reporting Services will be available for several underlying report engines (ie. JasperReports, JFreeReport ...)

Client API

  • The shortest : obtain the pdf now.

byte[] pdf = ReportTaskFactory.getInstance().executeToByteArray("/reports/myReports.era/HelloWorld");

  • Execute a report in one hour and send the pdf result by mail

ReportTask rt = ReportTaskFactory.getInstance();
ret.setReport( new Report("/reports/myReports.era/HelloWorld") );
rt.setSchedule( new ScheduleOnce( Calendar.newInstance().add(Calendar.HOUR,1) ) );
rt.setDistribute( new DistributeByMail("") );

Useful Links

The Team

Noel Rocher: Idea, POC & recruitment of talented developpers.
e-mail: AT

Vincent Sellier: testsuite.
e-mail: vincent.sellier AT

Cyril Joui: Mavenisation, Reports Console.
e-mail: cyril.joui AT
Romain Guinot: BIRT integration.
e-mail: romainguinot AT

The Big Picture

More information

This project is not an attempt to provide dynamic reports as you can do with xReporter or any OLAP tool. See the wiki for more information.


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